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Blenko Signatures & Labels
Signatures are of very limited use in identifying Blenko; in the Historic Period they were only used for the latter portion of 1958 through to the early part of 1961 and briefly in 1964 for only a few special designs. Therefore fewer than 10% of designs in the Historic Period may be signed.

Some Historic Period Blenko designs were also imitated by others (see Fakes & Similar); forged Blenko signatures have turned up on some of these items so be aware that a signature alone is no longer a guarantee of authenticity.

Similarly, labels are unreliable identifiers not only because they can easily be moved from one item to another, but also because rolls of unused labels are known to be available. It is not unheard of to find Blenko labels on non-Blenko items.

1958 Engraved Signature
engraved Blenko SignatureThe text "Blenko ©" in script, etched by hand using an engraving tool. This signature was used briefly in 1958 and quickly replaced with the sand-blasted signature below both because this was too time consuming and due to breakage.

Unrealistic rumors persist that the company's then Vice President, William Blenko Jr., was exclusively responsible for engraving this signature and personally sat in the factory and signed hundreds, if not thousands of these items. At least three significant variations of the signature have been documented (see images below), suggesting at least three different signers. Purportedly the source of this rumor is William Blenko Jr. Himself from an undocumented verbal interview circa 2000. It is plausible that he confused the 1958 signature with the hand-engraved signing done for promotional purposes at department stores that he was almost exclusively responsible for after his father's death.
engraved Blenko signatureBlenko hand etched signatureBlenko hand etched signature

1958 to 1961 Sand-Blasted Logo

Sand blasted Blenko logo signatureThe word "Blenko" with the hand profile underneath and to the right, and the copyright symbol "©" above and centered. Designed by Wayne Husted, this signature was made by sand-blasting through a metal template and NOT with acid as is often mistakenly claimed.
In use from late 1958 to early 1961. This signature can be very difficult to see particularly when applied near the pontil and/or done lightly.

1964; Hand Engraved Signature
Blenko signature 1964In 1964, several special non-catalog designs (the "Gumps" decanter and a series of tri-color sommerso designs including the 6425, 6426, and 6427) were signed with a block letter or script signature "BLENKO JOEL PHILIP MYERS". Executed by hand using an engraving tool.


C. 1930 Onwards; Paper Factory Label
square paper Blenko labelWhite paper square with cropped corners, black text "BLENKO Milton W Va" at top, typed or hand written design number in middle, "$" sign and typed or hand written price on bottom. In continuous use since 1930's.
C. 1930 to C. 1982; Silver Foil Hand Profile Label
Blenko Silver Foil Hand LabelA paper label in the shape of a hand, with a silver foil front and embossed black ink outlines and text "BLENKO HANDCRAFT". Circa 1930's to circa 1982 (substituted during WWII, see below).
C. WWII; Paper Hand Profile Label
Blenko Paper Hand LabelA white paper label in the shape of a hand with black ink outlines and text "BLENKO HANDCRAFT". Used during WWII as a substitute for the standard silver foil label.
C. 1960; Blenko Specialty Line Paper Label
Blenko Specialty Line LabelA rounded white paper square with a red outline drawing of a stylized glass blower with "BLENKO" in black text on the body. This was designed for use with the 1960/61 Specialty Lines Raindrop, Regal, and Rialto but can occasionally be found on other items that were in production circa 1960.
C. 1960; Blenko Loves Blenko Paper Label
Blenko Loves Blenko LabelSquare white paper label with perforated edges, made in conjunction with an advertising campaign circa late 1950's.
Post-Historic Period Labels


Blenko B Label1982 to 2000; Plastic "B" Label
A clear plastic square with rounded corners and large central "B" with red dot and "BLENKO HANDCRAFT", introduced 1982 in use until circa 2000.

Blenko Oval Hand LabelIntroduced 2000; Oval Hand Label
A clear plastic oval with central grey hand profile with text "BLENKO HANDCRAFT Made in the USA"

The text on this label changed several times while it was in use.

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