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Blenko Archive Home Page - describes the organization's mission and purpose

Blenko Designers: The Blenko 4 - basic historical information on the Blenko Glass Company and its first four designers. A book recommendation is included. Links to the following pages:
Blenko History - a detailed history of the Blenko Glass Company
Blenko Pre-Designer Image Gallery - examples of Blenko's pre-designer glass
Winslow Anderson Image Gallery - eamples of Blenko's first designer's glass designs
Wayne Husted Image Gallery - examples of Blenko's second desinger's glass desings
Joel Myers Image Gallery - examples of Blenko's third designer's glass designs
John Nickerson Image Gallery - examples of Blenko's fourth desginer's glass designs

Blenko Physical Characteristic - a simplified and illustrated guide to identifying Blenko glass based on its typical physical characteristics; Hand-blown, Pontil Marks, Thickness, Rims, Cold Work, Color, Transparency

Blenko Signatures and Labels - shows all Blenko's signatures and labels in use during the Historic Period as well as before and after and describes when these labels and signatures were used

Blenko Numbers and Names - explains Blenko's different numbering systems for identifying designs and also discusses the use of official and common use names for designs

Blenko Colors - a full and illustrated list of all Blenko colors used during the Historic Period along with comparisons of similar colors and information on when each color was used. Page links to:
Blenko Color List by Year - a full list of all colors used by Blenko broken down by year

Blenko Catalogs - an archive of most of Blenko's Historic Period production catalogs, illustrating all designs made during this period. Also identifies where printed copies of catalogs may be purchased and discusses available books on Blenko. Each catalog year below is shown in full on separate pages linked from this page:
1948 Blenko Catalog
1949 Blenko Catalog
1950 Blenko Catalog
1951 Blenko Catalog
1952 Blenko Catalog
1953 Blenko Catalog
1954 Blenko Catalog
1955 Blenko Catalog
1956 Blenko Catalog
1957 Blenko Catalog
1958 Blenko Catalog
1959 Blenko Catalog
1960 Blenko Catalog
1961 Blenko Catalog
1972 Blenko Catalog
1973 Blenko Catalog
1974 Blenko Catalog

Blenko Specialty Lines - this page defines, describes and illustrates in detail all of Blenko's important Historic Period Specialty Lines, Regal, Rialto, Raindrop and Charisma, as well as the historic pre-cursors

Fakes and Similar - a list as well as description and illustrations of known forgeries of original Blenko designs, and identifies other companies who made 'similar' work that is often confused with Blenko's

Cleaning Blenko - a practical guide to cleaning Blenko glass as well as information on stains and 'sick' glass

Blenko Links - links to websites and organizations related to Blenko glass


Designers: The Blenko 4
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